Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is Locads?
Thelocads is a platform that helps consumer to visualize the offering of local market and access it at comfort, this infact help them to utilize time and plan better.

Q: Is TheLocads Present everywhere in India?
The Vision of is to grow everywhere in India and provide the astute market offering to consumer. We are open to strategize the business module outside India.
Q: Who is the parent company of is the product of EnigmaTelecom Private Limited that has been in the market since 2009.

Q: How can one place ad over
Ads over and its various section can either be taken directly by staff ( In case to franchise is available in that Zone/state) or via franchise within the particular zone/city.

Q: Why should we seek franchisee of
Limited franchise outlet , fast growing business , better ROI and huge support offered by ensure that our franchisee attain huge benefit. Apart from this they will be exposed to different product range of Enigma that further boosts there business.

Q: How to be a franchisee of
Fill up the form given in franchisee page and our support executive will be in touch with you to discuss the opportunity.