About The Locads

We are the first visual online advertising company across globe that focuses on advertising, promotion, marketing and branding of a company/ shop in your local area. Be it a launch of new company or products, the benefits of your local market or malls, the signage or digital promotion, Enigma with its product “TheLocads” believe to meet market demand and bring a new outlook to advertising and marketing industry across globe. TheLocads with its tag line specifies, window to your local market. So before you go to your local market or mall, just have a look at what market has to offer.

Our Skill

Enigma Founded by Mr. Avinash , has a vision to translate the local market and its offerings to the desk of common man. This ensures that whatever market has to offer it reaches to the consumer and thus saves his precious time to decide where to buy and what to buy. Also it ensures that the advertiser reaches to a comman man with ease which results in proper positioning of his Company/ Shop and products









Team of The Locads

We believe that people really are at the heart of our success. We've a great product and a wonderful client roster. The final component that brings it all together is our team. We hire the very best and the brightest; innovators, problem solvers, communicators. Our team takes service delivery personally. We will go the extra mile to give our customers and our implementation partners throughout the world all the support they require to realize all their online goals and visions.